Best of 2005...


The Dresden DollsThe Dresden Dolls

To think that I saw 3 of the artists in the above list in 2005. Two of them twice. Yes indeedy 2005 was the year of the gig… or at least the bands that I wanted to see who happened to be touring these isles. After years and years of not seeing anyone, musical groups that is, I finally wrenched my bony white arse off my sofa and went out to concerts again. Previously the last concert that I attended was Faith No More at the Manchester Apollo on, I think, the second leg of The Real Thing tour many many years ago. There I was again in 2005 bouncing up and down like a lunatic and singing my little heart out.


The Zen of CSS DesignThe Zen of CSS Design

A year of enjoying more technical books then anything else. In my distant youth I used to only read Stephen King and James Herbert. I found it quite depressing that I had read only about 18, or so, books over the year, with at least another 10 still on the shelves, with the earliest book, purchased in August 2003, still unread. That is part of the trouble, I love buying books, and for the most part I like reading them, but I just can’t read them quick enough for my liking.


Have I Got News For YouHave I Got News
For You

This section obviously doesn’t cover movies of 2005 as I had only seen Batman Begins at the cinema. It covers the DVDs that I’ve rented and enjoyed over the year. Not a good year for films as there just didn’t seem to be any films that I’ve enjoyed watching as much as Mulholland Drive or Memento. Now there were two films that I immediately liked and just didn’t want to end.

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