Father knows best...


My Dad has always said that he would never pay his household bills by direct debit, because you end up paying more money to the company, they keep it and make interest on it.

When I moved into my little semi-detached penthouse flat I set-up direct debits to pay my utility bills.

This year British Gas, unbeknownst to me, decided to increase my direct debit payments by something like £5. Such is the beauty of the direct debit payment system, they can increase the value without getting your written permission. I naturally cancelled the direct debits immediately.

United Utilities sent me a letter on the 9th of August saying that they had re-calculated my water usage and that future payments would be £15.77 from 1st of September. I checked my bank statements today and on the 1st of October they took £19.40 and on the 1st of November they took £24.31. This was all without my knowledge.

They must just look upon their customers, who pay by direct debit, as little pots of money that they can just dip into whenever they please. I mean why did they stop at £19.40? Why didn’t they just go the whole hog and take £150.49 out of my account without telling me? Of course the direct debit has been cancelled and I’ll just wait for the final reminder before paying the bill in future.

  • Posted on Friday, 11 November 2005
  • Tagged with moans