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Gents Toilet - Not an officeGents Toilet
Not An Office

Mobile phones are supposed to be practical and functional devices. We, as intelligent human beings, are supposed to control them and not the other way around. I own a mobile phone but thankfully I’m not a slave to it.

I was in the gents toilet at work last year when a chap stood at the urinal next to me. Nothing strange there. We are just two adult males having a leak… except, with his free hand he takes his mobile phone out of his top pocket and starts ‘texting’ someone. Now a mans bladder will take about 30 seconds to empty, based on average storage capacity and flow-through. So this guy couldn’t wait that long before feeling the need to be more productive.

Today I was again answering the call of nature and I thought that the gents was empty until I heard a voice from one of the cubicles, or traps as they are known locally. “Yeah, 25% sounds good but for that kind of money 30% would be nearer the target”. Of course I couldn’t tell if it was the same bloke as before, and I certainly wasn’t going to look under the door to check. He was still talking away as I was washing my hands and even after I’d used the hand dryer. Although I did hear some movement as I was going out of the door. But imagine the poor sod on the other end of the phone going, “What was that splosh?”, “Er that was just someone making a drink, er, here in the office.”

I’m all for multi-tasking while you’re working but that is taking it to extremes. There is a time and a place for everything. Receiving calls, no matter how important they are, should not be done while you’ve got your trousers around your ankles.

  • Posted on Thursday, 03 November 2005
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