Reasons to hate Sony 1,2,3,4,5...

SonySony - now almost
as bad as Microshite®

  1. I purchased a new Sony television back in 2000, which broke about a week outside the 1 year warranty. Of course you can’t get anyone to come out to fix it so two blokes and a van managed to get it down both flights of stairs. Not an easy task I assure you as I had helped to carry it in when I bought it. The delivery chap of course asked if there was a lift. A week later it was repaired and made the return journey.

  2. I purchased a new high-end Sony DVD player, also back in 2000. This was in the days before you could get them free with Cornflakes. I actually saw one in my local supermarket for £19.99. This Sony one that I bought had had rave reviews in the Hi-Fi press so I bought it, unchipped, for £450. Last year it died and I took it to a local shop for repair, fearing the worst. They phoned up and said that it was beyond economical repair and that I would be charged for the privilege. Thankfully they forgot about this payment when I picked it up. It has since become land fill.

  3. Being a fan of Fiona Apple I was waiting for her next album. Last year I read that the album, Extraordinary Machine, had indeed been recorded but that Sony/Epic couldn’t smell a hit single so had decided not to release the album. A web-site was set up called Free Fiona and fans were asked to send the Sony/Epic chairman and CEO Andrew Lack an apple inspired gift on January 24th this year. Rough demos of the album somehow reached a radio station and the tracks were soon available to download. Finally the finished album saw the light of day in its polished form a couple of weeks ago. It reached number 7 in the US music charts, the highest chart debut of her career.

  4. Sony have released a Librie eBook reader. This little gadget uses e-ink technology which only draws a current from the battery when the screen is updated. The rest of the time it will just display the contents of the page. Sony must think that this will take over from paper books for the technically savvy. The big snag is that you can only download from Sony’s site which, at the moment, contains 400 books. Once you have downloaded it you have 60 days to read it before it is deleted. Imagine reading a thriller and the book expiring before you found out whodunit?

  5. I read an article on Macworld UK today that Sony BMG have started to sneak the type of software only used by virus and spyware writers onto their audio CDs. This is yet another vain attempt at stopping people making multiple copies of the discs and selling them on Sefton Market. According to the article this little piece of software can be a bit of pain to remove to say the least. Thankfully you can ask Sony customer support for uninstall instructions. I can’t honestly see what right they have to pollute someone’s PC with this rootkit spyware.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 02 November 2005
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