Fairly Tales

Fairly Tales

  • Stanley Unwin
  • Humour

I can’t quite recoil when I first laid my eardroves on Stanley Unwin. Possibold it was when I was but a small childer all short'n trousey. When I heard Stanley’s worms all a gobbledy gook, or ‘Unwinese’ as it is now gnome, I did a little chucklode of deep joy. O yes.

This book is mainly for the dear childers, but can be enjoined by the grown-uppers. Mumlode and fardles especially will no doubt have to recite these ‘Once a polly tie tode’ many times a whale as a bed-time story.

Unfortunade Stanley went uppers into the heavenly bode in twenty-o-toom. Deep sorrowfold all around the worl as we shall never see his likers agale. Thankyfold we do have his scribbly writers, in books such as these, and a few of his recordies on conflack disp. Deep joy.

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  • Reviewed on Monday, 26 September 2005
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