England win the Ashes...

Fifth TestFifth Test

So, the English cricket team have won the Ashes 2-1 beating the Aussie’s. With all this media coverage many pundits are forecasting a rosy future for cricket. Some even suggesting that cricket will grow in popularity to be on a par with football.

Even though I don’t follow cricket I hope that this doesn’t happen.

Imagine replica cricket jumpers being sold from ‘superstores’ near each ground, with each club producing a new design every six months. Every player having a manager, PR consultant, a wife who’s had a boob job and a manor house in Essex. Imagine the fans going to the ground to watch a days cricket only to be segregated by mounted police. Every fan wearing the cricket whites of their favourite player. Imagine a player subjecting the umpire to a torrent of industrial strength expletives after being caught out LBW.

I hope that they do earn more money as they all seem friendly and down to earth. Of course this may all change after the first royalty cheque for an advert hits the door mat.

  • Posted on Monday, 12 September 2005
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