New energy source found...

Hammy The HamsterHammy The Hamster

The other great item on GMTV’s news hour was about a school boy who has found a new source of energy.

He has managed to build a generator that will charge a mobile phone using hamster power alone. He said that his hamster, running on it’s wheel for a few minutes, could generate enough electricity to charge his mobile phone. Now, I’ve seen those windup chargers in gadget catalogues and thought that they looked like too much hard work. This could well be the answer. This young man could well be the Sir Clive Sinclair or the James Dyson of the future.

My sister had a few hamsters when she, and I, were younger so I know that a hamster will run on it’s wheel for hours with only a few sunflower seeds for sustenance. Imagine if every household in the land had a few hamsters generating power in this way. As long as unscrupulous corporations don’t put thousands of them to work in great sheds then I can see no problem at all using this as a source of energy.

Maybe now HP will stand for ‘hamster power’ instead of that of the equine variety.

  • Posted on Thursday, 25 August 2005
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