Banana danger...

The Wandering SpiderThe Wandering Spider

This is the second time that I’ve heard about this kind of problem on GMTV’s news hour.

What they reported this morning was that a woman had bought bananas from a supermarket, took them home, and was bitten by a spider hidden within the bunch. During the brief interview she said that thankfully it was only a baby Brazilian Wandering Spider and not a full grown adult. The ‘toddler’ therefore only had little fangs and injected a tiny dose of venom.

According to the BBC News report she managed to identify the spider by searching on the internet.

However, the spider could not be formally identified because it was not captured.

There could well be a few sleepless nights in that household. I wonder how they would coax it out of hiding?

Which reminds me of the previous time that bananas and spiders were mentioned on GMTV.

A woman was being interviewed in her lounge, with a few of her offspring around her, by the reporter. In the background you could see the doorway which leads into the kitchen. This doorway was more or less completely sealed off using plastic sheeting. What transpires from the interview is that the woman bought bananas from the local supermarket, she was unpacking her groceries and saw a black spider unfurl itself from its hiding place within the bunch and scamper away. Being black with long thin legs the report said that it was a Black Widow spider. I’m not completely sure if this next bit is true or not but I’m pretty certain that the plantation owners were using these spiders to eat a particular pest that was destroying their crops.

The lesson from all this is to shake your bananas thoroughly before you buy them… just in case.

  • Posted on Thursday, 25 August 2005
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