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Optimus KeyboardOptimus Keyboard

The computer keyboard hasn’t changed since the days of the teletype back in the late 1800’s. The layout has been the same, companies have added function keys to perform various computer related tasks but that is about it. Until I read on the Macworld web-site this week that a Russian design studio called Art. Lebedev Studio have invented a keyboard that has a small LCD on the surface of each key. So, depending on the application being used at the time, the keys graphic can change. I suppose if you press the caps-lock then all the letter graphics will change to upper-case. If you hold the Ctrl key down then only the shortcut keys that are applicable will be lit.

Of course being a developer I could have a little fun. When our software needs to display a message saying “Press any key to continue” I could all the keys displaying the words “Any Key”. Then, after a short space of time, black them all out leaving the poor victim (er, I mean user) suitably bemused.

This reminds me of a manager in a company that I used to work for. All the managers were getting PC’s so that they could do their own word processing etc. This manager, who obviously hadn’t used a computer at all… ever, actually wrote ‘Space’ on the space bar and ‘Backspace’ on the backspace key. I kid you not… you couldn’t make this up!

  • Posted on Friday, 29 July 2005
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