BMW... the idiots favourite

The Idiots FavouriteThe Idiots Favourite

Drivers of BMW cars are among the most arrogant and discourteous drivers on the roads. And living in the stock-broker belt of northern England (it’s not all flat caps and mushy peas you know) I see a great deal of them on the way to and from work each day.

Today was a case in point. My usual route to work appeared congested so I quickly switched to plan B which is to drive around Heald Green. The road that I use is a bit of a rat run through a housing estate and past a primary school. In a vain attempt at slowing drivers down the council have instigated a 20mph speed limit and also placed speed bumps, which are mounds of tarmac about 6 inches high and are placed at 12 feet intervals. I have travelled this route many times before and so I know what it is like. In a 4x4 vehicle that has stiff suspension the speed bumps can be pretty nasty if traversed at anything over 10mph. So I turned right into this road and over the first bump. A black pickup truck is behind me. Halfway down the first stretch of road, 2 or 3 speed bumps later, a silver BMV pulls up along-side me. I thought that he or she was going to turn right, into a driveway or side road and was in an almighty rush. But no the idiot was trying to overtake the pickup truck and me on a 20mph road littered with speed bumps that can knock the fillings out of your teeth if taken at speed. I did my usual trick, when someone tries to over take, and I speed up. This sod drove along-side me for about 50 feet before he, or she, finally decided that it wasn’t a wise move.

I really wish, using 20/20 hindsight, that I’d stopped, got out and asked what their motivation was. What they hoped to gain by being so bloody stupid. Of course they were driving a BMW so that spoke volumes.

  • Posted on Friday, 22 July 2005
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