Trent Reznor Presents The Radio 1 Rock Show

Trent ReznorTrent Reznor

Yes, I know that I’m a little late with this weblog entry as the show was broadcast on 6 April 2005 but bear with me and I’ll explain.

As I mentioned at the time I went to see Nine Inch Nails at the end of March at the Astoria in London. While Trent was in town he presented The Radio 1 Rock Show for that week whilst Mike Dee was in L.A. I didn’t want to miss it but considering that it was broadcast very late at night, possibly even early the next day, and that I don’t have a radio that I could easily record from, I was stuck. Until I read in a forum somewhere that it was to be streamed by the BBC for public consumption. For some ungodly reason the BBC use Realplayer for this and there was no way of just downloading the program so that I could listen to it at my leisure. Thankfully I found some Mac software called iRecordMusic which will record any audio stream, convert it to mp3 and even add it to iTunes. Without paying for it the demo version would only record 15 minutes of audio before it stopped. So I paid my money and bought the software. I knew that the BBC don’t keep these shows available indefinitely so I had to act fast. When the show was available I used the software and after a couple of hours had a hefty 137mb mp3 file in iTunes. I listened to it on my iMac and my iPod shuffle and liked it. But then again what’s not to like when the mastermind behind your favourite band is chatting and playing songs that he likes.

So, time goes by and I finally have enough web space to upload the file to so that people can download it. I think that the show is interesting enough for Nine Inch Nails fans to listen to and to hear what Trent has to say.

A couple of weeks ago Apple released iTunes 4.9 with Podcasting and one of the first that I downloaded was the iTunes New Music Tuesday podcast. This is basically an advert for the iTunes Music Store but it’s an enhanced podcast. As the track plays the album art for the song is displayed and changes as each new track starts.

Last weekend I had a little free time so I had a dig around on the internet and found a command-line application called Chapter Tool, currently only available for Mac OS X, that Apple have produced to allow people to add graphics and even web links to a podcast track as it is playing. The other great thing about this is that the chapters are selectable via a little dropdown button which is visible as an enhanced podcast plays.

I split the audio file into two segments of about an hour each using QuickTime. Luckily the BBC posted the tracklisting on their web-site so I knew what tracks were played. The Gary Numan and M.I.A. tracks must have been removed from the steam when it was prepared for some reason. I used QuickTime again to play both hour long tracks and noted the start times of the songs and when Trent does the links in between. You have to add this information into an XML file along with the track names and artists. Then I copied the album art from for each track, making sure that the images aren’t greater than 300x300 pixels, and I also copied the link to the album. When all this was in the XML file I ran the Chapter Tool to produce an m4b file. I did this twice, for both hours, and uploaded the files to my web-site. Then I wrote another little feed XML file so that you can download them using the Podcast feature in iTunes.

It all works brilliantly well. Even I’ve spent a while clicking on the tracks or just listening to Trent saying, “Hi, this is Trent Reznor on The Radio 1 Rock Show filling in for Mike Dee”.

You can download the full mp3 version which is 137mb and has no chapter markings or better still…

  1. Download iTunes, if you don't already have it, and install it
  2. Copy this feed link to the clipboard
  3. Open iTunes and click on the 'Advanced' menu and select 'Subscribe to Podcast...'
  4. Paste the link into the URL box so that it reads '' and click Ok
  5. Click on 'Podcasts' and you should see the first hour downloading
  6. Click on the disclosure triangle to download the second hour

Have fun!

Please note that the copyright of this material is owned by the BBC.

if you want to have the show in 15 minute mp3 files then download this zip file which contains 8 files covering the full 2 hours.

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