Microshite Windows Longhorn Screenshots

Microshites LonghornMicroshites® Longhorn

I found these new screenshots of Microshites® Windows XP running with a new theme. Word around the campfire is that a hacked version will be available to download from a P2P near you sometime in 2007.

This has to be a joke right? It looks exactly like Windows XP with an Apple Theme. If you don’t believe me then look at the Start bar on the screen shots and then at the navigation bar on Apples Tiger web-site. Microshite® just seem to be putting a shine on the same old crap… but doing it very very slowly.

One thing that my uncle, who is not computer literate by any means, noticed is that to shut the damn thing down you have to click on START!

The only thing that I do quite like about XP is that when you are deciding whether to shutdown, restart or logoff is that the desktop slowly changes to black and white. Of course when you click on OK it snaps back to colour, which does spoil the effect a little.