This cheered me up...

Mona SwitcherMona Switcher

I was at work uploading ASP files to the website, connecting to our server in Dublin, downloading, extracting and making changes to files when the connection dropped and the terminal window disappeared. I wasn’t in the best of moods anyway so I decided to test the bouncing capability of my Microshite® mouse by throwing at my screen. Unfortunately I made my long-suffering colleague jump out of her skin. She obviously saw the airborne projectile heading in her general direction without realising that I was aiming it at the screen and that it was securely tethered to my laptop by the mouse cable. Of course I had to apologise for startling her so early in the working week. Luckily Microshite® do seem to make very sturdy mice. I remember slamming one of the old white ones repeatedly into a mouse mat from a height of about 2 foot above the desk with no ill affects at all. Maybe they should stick to just making mice instead of… I guess you could see that remark coming.

Back to the thing that cheered me up… the Steve Jobs Dress-up Contest. I didn’t really spend too much of the working day seeing how Uncle Steve would look in the various outfits, basically because I was too busy laughing.

I’d never really looked at the Geek Culture web-site before but after seeing the Mona Switcher I think it is safe to say that I’m hooked. As soon as I arrived home I ordered a copy of the Mona Switcher painting to put on the wall above my iMac. Here’s the Joy of Tech comic that the original Mona Switcher came from.