I seem...

KISS PodcastKISS Podcast

I seem to be spending more time tinkering with the site than actually writing stuff for it.

Yesterday I managed to get the badges and the themes back and added some more links.

Talking of links I added a link to KISS and had a browse down the main page and found the KISS Podcast website. I had heard about podcasts before but had never been interested enough to download any… until now. The site itself looks great and I downloaded the first 5 shows and was listening to them whilst working on the site. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a KISS fan. The next version of iTunes looks as if it will support podcast content so that should save me downloading another application.


Speaking of music… When Uncle Steve first demonstrated GarageBand he said you could plug your guitar straight into a Mac and record and play along with the other tracks. Since I saw that keynote I’ve been dying to try it out to see if and how it works. Tonight I gave it a try. I had to re-string my guitar, clean it, buy new plectrums, a cable to tune it and a Griffin GarageBand Guitar Cable to plug it into the iMac. Stringing it was fine. Tuning it was troublesome as the needle on the electronic tuner was flicking all over the place as if it was picking up radiation so I tried to tune it manually. It sounded okay to me so I tried the new cable and GarageBand. I added a new track, switched the monitor on and it started to feed back. The only options on that window are to select the input, which is either Channel 1 (Mono), Channel 2 (Mono) or Channel 1& 2 (Stereo). They all seem to feed back. I think I’ll try again when I’ve managed to get the damn thing tuned correctly.

Update - I’ve managed to get the link working from my guitar to GarageBand. You have to go to System Preferences and the Sound option and change the sound input from Internal Microphone to Line In. It works great. I even tuned my guitar using GarageBand instead of the erratic tuner. All I have to do now is find my guitar strap and it will be time for some serious rockin'.