Alice & Groucho...

Groucho & Alice by Neal PrestonGroucho & Alice
by Neal Preston

Last night Alice Cooper was on the talk show/sitcom The Kumars At No. 42 with Ronnie Corbett. They both appeared together a few years ago on an advert for SkyPlus.

The last time that I saw Alice on a UK talk show was with Brian Conley on ITV. I seem to recall one part when Brian asked Alice about his father being a minister. Alice said, “At one time I thought about joining the priesthood… or I could have been a boxer like my brother Henry”. Brian was amazed and just said, “Really?”. That is until the penny dropped.

Alice did well on The Kumars. I don’t think that he’d seen the show previously, it had been on BBC2 for awhile, he seemed a little wary and rightly so. This did make it all the more entertaining.

A part from having to tell the chicken tale one more time Alice talked about being friends with Groucho Marx. Alice had moved to Hollywood and had become friends with Groucho back in the seventies. He said that Groucho was an insomniac and would phone Alice up at 2 o'clock in the morning. Groucho would be lying on his bed wearing his beret and would have a six pack of beer ready for Alice. And they would just sit and watch old movies on TV together.

I knew that Alice and Groucho had been friends as there is a picture of them both in the booklet that came with The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper boxset a few years ago.