Liverpool Win Champions League...

When I’m old and grey… okay, that doesn’t give you a new point of reference. When I’m old and grey and living out the rest of my days in a maximum security twilight home I’ll be able to tell my niece, if she visits, a little tale of two scousers.

The two scousers in question, no names no pack drill, had the chance to see the football game of the millennium. But, after much umming and ahhing, they decided not to. Even though they ‘earn’ thousands of pounds a week they decided, in their scouse wisdom, to save the money and watch the game on TV instead.

At half time, and 3 nil down, they knew that they had made the right decision in not going. After full time, 3 goals apiece, they wish they had spent the money and gone after all. After the penalties they regretted not seeing their favourite team play, what must surely have been, the greatest game of football the surface of our little planet will ever see.

The moral of this little tale dear childers, if you can find one, is “you can’t take the money with you”. Night night.