At last, my pride and joy No. 2...

Apple iMacApple iMac

Yes, I’ve finally taken delivery, or rather picked up, my new iMac.

I tracked its progress from Shanghai on the 12th of May via Eindhoven on the 23rd to Manchester on the 25th. It seems to have taken forever… maybe longer, but it’s finally here.

First impressions… its really heavy. After getting it out of the box the first thing that I needed to do was install the extra memory that arrived the week before. I placed it face down on the bed and loosened the 3 screws, naturally captive screws, and removed the back cover. I had seen photos of the inside so I knew where everything was, installing the memory was easy. With the back securely in place I returned to the desk and prepared to power it up. It must come pre-installed with Tiger and iLife ‘05 as it immediately asked what type of installation I required. I was dreading having to copy everything over from my old iMac, settings, e-mail, address book, applications etc etc. But I new about the Migration Assistant so had ordered a firewire cable at the same time. I powered up the old iMac, holding down the ’T’ key and a firewire icon appeared on the screen. I selected to transfer from another Mac and it started to calculate the size of the folders on the other Mac. I was very very impressed. An hour and a half later I switched off the old iMac and was using the new one. I had a quick check that all was well… and it was. iCal, e-mail, bookmarks, mp3’s, photos everything had transferred perfectly. I just needed to re-install the software for the Wacom graphics tablet, which I had to do after installing ‘Tiger’ on the old one, and that was it.

The screen is just vast compared to the old one. I literally have to turn my head from side to side to see it all.

I had a quick look in the application directory so see that the games and the World Book Reference was there. Of course the Microshite® Office 2004 for Mac Test Drive folder went straight in the trash.

So, to the little niggles. The built-in speakers are a little under powered compared to the round Apple Pro speakers. Those speakers could shake the desk if played at volume. The keyboard is a little strange compared to the other. There just isn’t any surround to it and there is a deep gap between the main keyboard, the cursor keys and the numeric key pad. This could have been designed like this so that if anything falls between the keys it could be removed if coaxed into these gaps. Possibly I don’t know. There is also no gap between the function keys on the top row. I did have trouble activating Exposé until I figured out which numbered key it actually was. But, considering that the old keyboard was the best that I had ever used, then possibly I’m being a little picky.

One of the first things that I wanted to do was check out the ripples in Dashboard and watch the Batman Begins trailer in all it’s H.264 high-definition glory.

All in all it is just beautiful to look at, a sheer joy to use and blisteringly fast.

You will be glad to know that I’m not one of those sad people who insist on giving their Apple Macs names. But if I do I have a shortlist of seven or so at the ready.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 25 May 2005
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