Good Old Microshite...

I managed to catch a few minutes of the BBC News 24 program Click Online while I was ‘cooking’ my tea. They had, quite incorrectly, said that Apple and Microshite® had announced 64-bit operating systems. They obviously had a flood of e-mails to ClickBack correcting their cock-up. Apple released ‘Tiger’ for anyone with a Mac to buy. Microshite® made the ‘new’ version of Windows XP available to anyone who was buying a new PC.

The program then showed a clip of a preview of the new Microshite® operating system LongHorn. In actual fact it should just be called Windows XP Service Pack 3 to avoid confusion with anything new or ground breaking. The bit that I saw had a window that had a transparent title bar at the top and the guy doing the demonstration said something like, “And look at the drop shadows on the windows!”. To this there was just a silence from the people who he demonstrating this ‘thing’ to. I was in hysterics. Apple have had drop shadows on the Mac OS X windows since day one. And I remember Steve Jobs demonstrating transparent windows when he was showing the many improvements to Panther, a couple of years ago now, by making a terminal window transparent and then moving it over a running Quick Time movie.

You know what this means don’t you? Microshite® are now just a couple of years behind Apple in the operating systems stakes. Okay it will be more than a couple of years by the time Windows XP Service Pack 3 hits the shelves of PC Worlds around the country in 2007.