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I had to get out of the flat for at least one day during my week off. So, off to Birmingham to visit my second favourite store in the land. £24.10 lighter and an hour and a quarter later I arrive at Birmingham New Street station. I wander off to find the Apple Store (well what store did you think I meant, PC World). It looks great with the brushed metal fascia and the white Apple logo. It’s obviously not on the same scale as the one on Regent Street but every section I expected was present and correct. Genius Bar, check, kiddie area, check (you’ve got to catch them young), two 30" Cinema HD displays side by side running off the same Power Mac, check. Quite how people use two of these bad boys I don’t know. Their mouse mat alone would have to be about 4 foot wide and that’s without mentioning the desk space that they would take up. Thinking about it I’m sure I could get both of them on my desk here with ease. Anyway, I had another look at a 20" iMac wishing that mine had arrived from the Far East.

After that I had a wander outside. I was looking for the Museum & Art Gallery and walked up a street which had a line of stalls down the centre. It was a farmers market selling the usual organic meat, sausages, pies, preserves and ostrich burgers. I bet you thought that I wouldn’t mention the title of this particular missive. One ostrich burger with onions was purchased. Apparently they are low in fat and cholesterol and taste mighty fine. Alas I didn’t see any ostrich drumsticks on the stall but they did have a few eggs, but not for sale. Apart from the Apple Store that was the highlight of the day.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 18 May 2005
  • Tagged with apple culture