Considering that I’ve had the week off work I haven’t done many updates to this blog… but I have been busy.

I had an email from Apple last Thursday to say that my new iMac had been dispatched. I thought that if it arrives at the same speed as Tiger that they will try to deliver the next day, last Friday. This would mean the same trip to Trafford Park early on the Saturday morning to pick it up. There was no note in my postbox. Over the weekend I thought that it could be delivered on Monday which would give me time to set it up but of course no time to do the bits of jobs around the flat. Having put the delivery reference number into TNT’s website tracker and received an error I did manage to find a way of tracking my iMac. But alas it said that it was in Shanghai not just over the water in Cork. ETA is listed as Saturday May 21st, of course TNT don’t delivery on Saturday even if they receive it before then. I hope it’s going to be a day early so I can set it up on Friday and set this G4 iMac up for Zoe for Sunday. Otherwise TNT will try to deliver on Monday, leave a card, and I’ll pick it up after work on Tuesday. So much for having the week off to play with it get to grips with the new functionality.

I ordered another gig of RAM from Crucial, which arrived this morning. That’s the only good news of the day.

The rest of the time has been spent getting used to this WordPress blogging software. I did have it working fine on the web server, then decided to move it from the ‘blog’ sub-directory that I had put it in. And, of course, it broke and I had to start from scratch. It’s pretty much working similar to the old one, with the images and everything, I just need to change the stylesheet so that it has the photo banner and fills the browser window.

  • Posted on Tuesday, 17 May 2005
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