Good Old Microshite...

In my job as a developer I have to change and maintain our ASP .Net application. Now, what I used to do is search in the folder containing the ASP files for any files that contain a search string. This worked well when I needed to do a mass change or even if I was just trying to find where a function resided.

We’ve recently switched from Windows 2000 to Windows XP Pro and of course this doesn’t work. I did assume that XP would be, at the very least, the same as 2000 and possibly a little better. Not so. I was looking for a string in a .aspx file, which I knew was there, and after about fifteen minutes I gave up. Today I asked our Operations Department to take a look at it. Yes, all three of us trying to get XP to search in ASP files all to no avail.

Microshite’s® developers decided that this would allow anyone to search in any file using this method so they limited the search. A quick Google found the problem and a possible cure. All you have to do is hack the registry for each file type that you want to search in. Or, plan B, you can ask XP to index files with unknown extensions. Of course after trying the latter and clicking properties of tabs in windows down multiple levels into the operating system… I found it doesn’t work. What a huge leap forward this is!

  • Posted on Thursday, 12 May 2005
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