I hate HMV (part 2)...

A few months ago I ordered the new Nine Inch Nails single The Hand That Feeds and the DVD single from Amazon.co.uk. They are a company that I trust to deliver the goods in a timely fashion. Just before the release I saw an advertisement in Kerrang! magazine for all three formats of the single, including the 9" vinyl version, from, wait for it… HMV. Not my favourite store in the land. The web store price was £6 for all 3 and just £1 for postage and packing. So, I stood to save a little money over the Amazon price and get all the formats. As a collector this sounded like a good deal. The Amazon order was cancelled, the HMV order placed. I was… relatively happy.

On April 23rd the order was shipped, but, just the CD and the 9" vinyl copy, the DVD was placed on back order. I kept checking the web site to see if the DVD had been dispatched. No it hadn’t. Yesterday I decided that I should contact HMV to see were it was. I know that singles like this are deleted from the catalogue pretty rapidly after the release date, along with the fact that I only wanted the CD and the DVD in the first place, I was a little concerned.

Today I received a reply from HMV. Basically it said that the record company have deleted the item. Why the record company hadn’t told HMV, I don’t know. Why HMV hadn’t chased up an order that I place on April 18th, I don’t know.

Never again.

  • Posted on Tuesday, 10 May 2005
  • Tagged with moans