So much for being an eccentric recluse...

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. After at least 5 months of having absolutely no visitors to my little semi-detached penthouse flat I had to have 2 on the same day. By-the-way, the chap who painted my front door and the bloke who read the gas meter do not count. Yes my sister and her offspring paid me a visit to ensure that I’m not living like someone on How Clean Is Your House. I’ll backtrack a little…

The word around the campfire was that the iMac range was going to be upgraded and this was going to happen after the launch of Tiger, which was last week. When the news was finally released I made quick call to Hans at my Swiss Bank to check on my money situation. As I, quite rightly, suspected all was well and I had more than sufficient funds for the purchase of the hardware. I usually pay Hans a visit personally every couple of months to discuss monetary options and stock up on Toblerone.

A few months previously I had paid my sister a visit. I usually try to keep such visits down to just birthdays and christmas but I had just finished my Photo Archive Project and wanted to show it to someone. The female section of the Riley clan were suitably impressed but I was less than impressed with the performance of Zoe’s PC. I suggested that they should purchase a Mac mini, which had just been released and that I would buy Zoe a Mac keyboard and mouse for her birthday. Then the news of the new iMac came out and I had the idea of selling it to the Riley’s (it’s about time they had 1 good computer) and I would fit an Airport Extreme card. That was the reason for them visiting me here. Of course that didn’t stop my sister having a nosey around.

The demonstration went well except for Riley The Younger going “Wow!” with as much sarcasm as she could muster at certain points towards the end. Little does she know that Microshite users would sell their first born for half the features that Tiger has. Kids today, I remember programming BASIC on a teletype when moving to a VDU was considered cutting edge. After some considerable time, during which they both demolished half a bag of Minstrels between them, they decided it was a good idea. There is just the matter of payment (cash or cheque with a bankers card) and of course visitation rights. You never forget your first Mac. After all it is my pride and joy… at least until the new one arrives.

  • Posted on Sunday, 08 May 2005
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