And yet more tinkering...

I’ve emailed Amx Host as there has still been no reply regarding my mail and web hosting.

I spent some time, last night and today, trying to get MySQL setup on my iMac ready to test WordPress for some serious blogging. That’s serious as in doing it properly instead of putting each entry into a separate file then adding a link to that file into an index.shtml. I downloaded a package from Server Logistics which contains the programs and also an icon for Systems Preferences which will stop and start the database server, among other things. I then downloaded CocoaMySQL to look at database tables and set users etc etc etc.

All was going well until I had to create a database user for WordPress in the Terminal. It wasn’t playing ball at all and I couldn’t figure out why. Anyway, I did finally manage to get it to work, after a nights sleep, and WordPress was installed, configured and up and running. Having spent a couple of hours tinkering I am impressed with what it can do. I downloaded themes and managed to get them working fine. The only thing that I had trouble with was Permalinks. I changed privileges and created and re-created a new .htaccess file all to no avail.

I must, when all is working well, make a donation to WordPress.

All I need to do now is: change my current web pages to PHP (so that I can get used to the coding), change the default theme to my theme, get it all working on my iMac, get it all working on the web server. Done.

  • Posted on Saturday, 07 May 2005
  • Tagged with web