More tinkering...

This web site only contains about five web pages and a few CSS files, of course. The entry for each date is held in a separate HTML file and is ‘included’ into a SHTML file before it is displayed in your browser. This makes it easier to move entries from the main page to the archive pages. My Apache web server on my iMac had to be set to allow these SSI (server side includes) to work so that I can test them before copying them to the web.

I had trouble with some of these links because they were all mapped as being relative and not literal. I was using ../../c/main.css in some cases instead of /c/main.css. Anyway, I found the setting that I needed to change in Apache and it all worked fine testing the pages on my web server here. It was only when I copied them to my web space that none of the includes worked resulting in errors and very little displaying. This could only be because the domain is redirected in a full screen frame to the free web space that I have with my ISP.

Time for a change then. I had thought of using WordPress as a blogging tool instead of doing things manually as I am now. Looking around I had found a web hosting company that looked good for £50 per year, which did what I wanted, was based in the UK and seemed cheap enough. Then I had a look at the WordPress forums and found a company in the US called Amx Host who were cheaper still, no doubt due to the strong pound, and did more than I wanted for just £19 after the conversion. So I signed up there and then. We shall have to see how things go. I does mean learning a bit about PHP and MySQL but I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 04 May 2005
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