Bad news...

The worst edition of Empire Magazine ever. And that’s before I’ve even studied it’s contents.

You open the front cover and some wretched ‘breathing’ gadget frightened the life out of me and there is not a lot of life left. Thankfully it was soon removed and the little blobs of glue consigned to the wastebasket. Next, I usually have a quick flick through to empty the magazine of any ‘inserts’. Only five this month: Maplin, some DVD rentals company, some ringtone company, Sky and Dell. I flick through it again, commonly known as ‘the second pass’, to find that a page of adverts for Tartan Asia Extreme is printed on card that is thicker than the cover of the magazine itself! The subscription card I can forgive but the poor postman must have legs like tree trunks by now. I only hope that this ‘Star Wars Episode III Special Collectors’ Card' will, if kept in pristine condition, bring me big bucks when I flog it to some twelve year old in 2020.

Having finally removed the dross I had a little leaf through it… not a great issue if you don’t like Star Wars!

  • Posted on Thursday, 28 April 2005
  • Tagged with moans