Good Old Microshite...

At work I have to make changes to our ASP application so that it works with the latest version of our software. I received an email saying that a new development suite, Microsoft® Visual Web Developer™ 2005 Express Edition Beta 2, was available for download so I decided to give it a try.

It’s a 2mb download which you run and it downloads the rest. With the options that I selected it was a 305mb download. Two hours later it started doing the installing and copying files, then the usual ‘Do you wanna reboot now or what?’ message. I chose ‘later’, closed all my applications by hand and rebooted. Can I see what it’s done? Can I find any of the files? 305mb seems to have disappeared into thin air. There are no menu options, there is no new folder on my hard-drive. There was no error message when it installed.

So, I carry on coding by hand using Notepad. I don’t trust the WebMatrix editor anymore as it converts the € codes into ?. Yes a valid character entity into nothing. There is no WebMatrix fix, workaround, patch or update for this ‘little’ problem.

Hours of gut wrenching tedium pass by and I’m debugging an ASP page. I had edited the SQL statements and was testing the pages in FireFox. I filled in a form and clicked the OK button and nothing happened. I commented out large portions of the code and a bit of it worked. I uncommented a few lines and found a problem with the SQL. I uncommented a few more and it didn’t work at all. I found that the field validation popups only work in IE and not FireFox.

I read on a Mac news website, either MacUser or Macworld, that Microshite, yes I can’t even bring myself to say their name correctly, are going to spend $200 million advertising Windows XP. And XP is how many years old now? How long has Longhorn been in development? They should be spending this money on the next version of their operating system not trying desperately trying to flog the old one. Who would want to buy Windows XP anyhow? Everyone who has bought a new PC over the last ¾ years has paid for a copy anyhow! Anyone who builds a PC from parts is just going to use a patched copy. What are they thinking?

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