With Teeth...

I’ve just recorded the stream of the new Nine Inch Nails CD With Teeth. I had, of course, seen it available for download on various torrent sites but had resisted the urge to download or listen to it before the CD arrives in the post. Google Alerts sent me an email of all the Nine Inch Nails news for the day and one email mentioned that www.nin.com had a streaming version on the site. Luckily I had bought iRecordMusic, audio stream to mp3, recording software a few weeks before when Trent did the Radio 1 Rock Show. So I already had all the tools.

iRecordMusic recorded it and converted it to an mp3 track, just the one, that it added to a play list in iTunes. All I had to do was burn it onto an audio disc so I can listen to it in the car. Almost made me look forward to going to work.

  • Posted on Tuesday, 26 April 2005
  • Tagged with apple music