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When I bought my Mac I wanted to try ProTools by Digidesign as I had heard that a lot of the bands that I like use it to edit and record their songs with. So I ordered ProTools lite from the website and tried to use it on my iMac. When I tried to install it said that there was some problem with the speed of the hard disk as I recall. So that was that. Then Uncle Steve, during his 2004 keynote speech, said that they had a new product, part of the iLife suite, called GarageBand. That was exactly the kind of product I was looking for. I placed an order, received it, installed it and played around with it for a while. Clicking and dragging loops around was great fun. I had even toyed with the idea of buying a USB keyboard, that’s a music keyboard, which would be a cheaper option than a USB to midi converter. Alas the novelty soon faded. Until…

The Hand That Feeds - GarageBandThe Hand That Feeds

I read on the internet that Trent Reznor had posted on the Nine Inch Nails website a GarageBand file of The Hand That Feeds single. This was exactly what I wanted. Trent had taken the music tracks straight out of ProTools and saved the segments as Apple loops. My favourite band was letting me personally remix a song that I had had buzzing around my head for weeks before. I don’t mind telling you that I was quite excited, which doesn’t happen often.

I downloaded it, I opened it up, I listened to it all the way through, I changed the tempo, I shifted the verses around, I moved things forward, I shifted things back, I switched tracks off all together and… it all sounded crap. It’s a great song anyway so what could I possibly add or subtract from it to improve it. I think I’ve spent longer just listening to it watching the position indicator move across the screen. I’ve always listened to the Nine Inch Nails remix CD’s and thought that I could do that. Now the reality finally dawns that I can’t, even with the required technology. Possibly I do need one of those USB keyboards after all, maybe that’s the problem.

  • Posted on Sunday, 17 April 2005
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