I must have missed that meeting...

My only easter egg (that's the wrapped one)My only easter egg
(that's the wrapped one)

So I walked the half mile (I’m sure it’s more like a mile) to my folks house carrying: 6 cans of Guinness (that’s 4 in a carrier bag and 2 internally), 4 bottles of wine (2 white and 2 red), 4 small bottles of schnapps (because I can never find Babycham in Sainsbury’s), my Canon camera and 3 kilos of assorted change. Only to find that no one (yes that’s NO ONE) had bought me anything in return. “But I’m your favourite son!” I said to my parents, but this made not one jot of difference as the one egg on display was for their granddaughter.

Apparently we had all agreed that we weren’t going to buy each other Easter Eggs this year but I must have missed that meeting.

My sincere apologies go to my dear Niece Zoe who supplied the egg.

  • Posted on Sunday, 27 March 2005
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