Boycott Muller...

Müllerlight Lemon & LimeGone but not forgotten

Today I heard depressing news for fans of Müllerlight Lemon & Lime flavour yogurts. A colleague of mine at work emailed Müller questioning the removal of my favourite flavour from the shelves in Sainsbury’s. They responded by saying that the Lemon & Lime flavour had been “discontinued due to low sales”. I personally used to buy at least 2 per week, along with 1 cherry flavour, for a little variety. I am now calling for the Lemon & Lime fans of this great nation to rise up and boycott Müller products. They’ll soon see the error of their ways when they see their profits plummet. Okay, I still have a cherry Müllerlight in the fridge and it would be a shame to waste it. But after that’s gone it’s No More Mr. Nice Guy.

  • Posted on Friday, 18 March 2005
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