On The Road With The Ramones

On The Road With The Ramones

If there is anyone in the world who was qualified enough to write a book about the Ramones then it’s Monte A. Melnick who was their tour manager, for 22 years, and much more.

I’m surprised that he lasted that long. I’m astounded that they managed to do 2,263 live shows.

I had read about the Ramones in the past so I knew about Dee Dee’s drug and alcohol problems. What I didn’t know was that Johnny treated it all just as a job. Joey was obsessive compulsive and hadn’t changed the prescription on his glasses for over 10 years. Only CJ and Marky escape it all looking anything like normal.

Monte put together a great book. It’s full of pictures and interviews with the Ramones and all of the people who came into contact with them over the years.

  • Reviewed on Monday, 21 February 2005
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