The Essential Spike Milligan

The Essential Spike Milligan

  • Spike Milligan, Alexander Games (Editor), Eddie Izzard (Foreward)
  • Comedy

There will never be another Spike Milligan. He was a master of the surreal and absurd. Only Eddie Izzard comes close to that particular style of humour nowadays.

The book covers all aspects of Spike, as you would expect from the title. There are serious adult poems, children’s poems, chapters from his books and Goon Show scripts. The scripts themselves could never really capture Spike, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe in full flow, doing the myriad of voices, but nothing but the recordings themselves do.

Spike hoped that Harry would die before he did. Why was that? Because he didn’t want Harry to sing at his funeral.

Anyone who loved the Marx Brothers as much as he did couldn’t have been all that bad.

  • Reviewed on Saturday, 12 February 2005
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